Awards & Testimonials

Apart from fellow professional garden designers, landscape contractors and horticulturists judging our work as worthy of award winning status on a number of occasions in the past with such comments as:

“…This extensive garden set amongst mature trees has been totally re-landscaped providing interesting vistas from every angle. Despite the size of the garden it provides many compact areas for quiet meditation. The quality of the planting and general landscaping is excellent.”

“…The client care on this contract was exemplary. A very proficient job delivered with excellent attention to detail by all staff on walls, paving and the Alan Wilson mirrored water sculpture. The client is overjoyed at the result and every opportunity is taken to spend time outside.”

We are most proud of the high level of unprompted testimonial response we receive from our clients and here are just a few of their kind comments:

“…Thank you and all your team for the excellent hard work. A wonderful result to wow the family with next month when we have our do.”

“…I am very pleased with the work and will be pleased to provide a reference if you ever need one.”

“…Please thank everyone for all their diligence and attention to detail we are thrilled with the work and most grateful for your kind consideration in the way that you did it.”

“…we’ve already had several friends and one of our neighbours ask about the patio and lawn, so we’ve passed your details on. My brother […] in Wimbledon might also call as I think you said you had done some work over that way. He’s an architect and was most impressed as he said sometimes it’s the small schemes that can be most difficult to get right. Believe me high praise indeed!”

“…You have made this house for me! I shall enjoy getting out into the garden in the spring, now that I’m no longer surrounded by an impenetrable jungle! Truly marvellous, please thank your team.”

And now, with the launch of this site and so as to maintain a high level quality control we encourage all of our clients past, present and potential future clients to offer us their views and inform us of their needs and suggestions as to how we may improve our service.

To leave your feedback please visit our Contact Us page.

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